Mahnaz Marriage Family Therapy
Dr. Mahnaz Zerimani Kheiri Psy.D.
Marriage & Family Therapist MFC #46367
Hypnotherapy, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback
Clinical & Neuro-Psychotherapist
Offices in Tarzana and West L.A.

Dr. Kheiri is a frequent guest in 670 AM KIRN Radio program and a live satellite television show “inner voice” on Pen TV.  She has published several articles in the international “ Tehran” magazine. In her articles and lectures she has discussed the following topics:

  • Explaining Psychology in simpler terms: In several of her articles, she has made it so that people will be able to better understand psychology.
  • Explaining Psychotherapy: In her articles, she describes what Psychotherapy is.  She tries to explain the importance of “active listening” and the significance of reflecting what the clients say. In this way, they are able to have a better understanding of themselves.
  • The effect of Anxiety on Teenagers and Young Adults: In several articles and lectures she explains Anxiety, avoidance behavior, and the effect of Anxiety on people’s life.
  • Love: The definition of Love and the effect it has on our lives. She also discusses how we can become able to increase our capacity and tolerance of our emotions with the help of therapy.
  • The effect of Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Hypnosis in Psychotherapy: How hypnosis helps people, the definition of Biofeedback, and the effects of these notions on treatment.

Other articles and lectures cover topics ranging from child abuse, the development stages, and more.

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